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Best Junior Buck in Show

Judge: Lorelei Hallock

Best in show Junior buck 

Mini Lamancha. 

Best Junior Buck in show
Zedekiah (1).JPG

Maczoo Zedekiah

Sire: Glimmercroft Tbo Orion
Dam: Maczoo TGRL Mae Mae
Breeder: Shelly McMullan

Owner: Pam Burnham

1st Place Intermediate buckling
Entry E
Generation: 2
DOB: 3/5/2022

Macchiato (2).jpg
Macchiato (1).jpg
Macchiato (3).jpg
Macchiato (4).jpg

1st Place Senior kid
Entry A
Generation: 4
DOB 2/11/2022

Zedekiah (1).JPG
Zedekiah (3).JPG
Zedekiah (2).JPG
Zedekiah (4).JPG

1st Place Senior Kid
Entry A
Generation: 1
DOB: 2/16/2022
Mini Alpine

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