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Best Senior Doe In Show

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Best Senior Doe in Show goes to the Mini Nubian.  In the Mammary System she has the most capacious udder that is the most balanced from the side and from the rear her udder is uniformly wide at the top and base of the udder.   In General Appearance she has good width in the chest floor, good extension to the brisket, strong and level in her topline with a long lean neck and good breed character about her nose and ears.  In Dairy Character she has good dairy wedges from the side and the top and in Body Capacity she has good depth of the barrel.

Best Senior Doe in Show/Best Udder in Show
Pure Black Obsidian (2).jpg

Blackberry's BV Pure Black Obsidian
Sire: Blackberry's BH Vanquish *B
Dam: Blackberry's Snowflake Obsidian *P
Breeder: Thanh & Elizabeth Duong
Owner: Courtney DuCharme

Grand Champion Mini Nubian/Best Udder of Breed
Entry E
Generation: 5
Freshening: 2
Freshened: 3/15/2022

Pure Black Obsidian (2).jpg
Pure Black Obsidian (1).jpg
Pure Black Obsidian (5).jpg
Pure Black Obsidian (3).jpg
Pure Black Obsidian (4).jpg

Grand Champion Mini Lamancha/Best Udder of Breed

Entry H
Generation: 1
Freshening: 2
Freshened: 4/20/2022

Shortcake (1).JPG
Shortcake (4).JPG
Shortcake (3).JPG
Shortcake (2).JPG
Shortcake (5).JPG

Grand Champion AOM

Entry A
Freshening: 2
Freshened: 1/6/2022
Mini Alpine

Ewok (2).jpg
Ewok (4).jpg
Ewok (3).jpg
Ewok (1).jpg
Ewok (5).jpg
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