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Mini Nubian Junior Buck Champion Lineup 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

The Mini Nubian Grand Champion Junior Buck is Entry E from the Intermediate class.  In General Appearance he has more width in between the fore legs as seen from the front and through the back, when viewed from the side he has more angulation of the rear leg, more desirable slope to his wider rump, more extension to the brisket and smoother blending of his shoulder into the chest wall.



There were two very nice bucklings in competition for this award, however, Entry G from the Intermediate Class is the Mini Nubian Reserve Grand Champion Junior Buck. He had the advantage for showing a wider rounder escutcheon area, wider in the rump, he is higher in the withers giving good angularity about the shoulder with an uphill appearance to his topline and deeper in the heart girth and barrel in Body Capacity.

Grand Champion
Macchiato (2).jpg

Cedar Creek Ice Cream Macchiato*B
Sire: Cedar Creek ME IceMan
Dam: Cedar Creek Cream Brulee'*P
Breeder/Owner:Beverly Holley

Reserve Champion
Sernade (1).jpg

Foggy Fork Farm BV Lyrical Serenade *B

Sire: Foggy Fork Farm WYN Black Velvet
Dam: Springs Run FJC Wild Violet
Breeder: Samantha Barton

Owner: Cassandra Baldovinos

1st Place Intermediate buckling
Entry E
Generation: 2
DOB: 3/5/2022

Macchiato (2).jpg
Macchiato (1).jpg
Macchiato (3).jpg
Macchiato (4).jpg

1st Place Senior Kid
Entry H
Generation: 5

Tut (3).jpg
Tut (1).jpg
Tut (4).jpg
Tut (2).jpg

2nd Place Intermediate buckling
Entry G
Generation: 2
DOB: 3/12/2022

Sernade (1).jpg
Sernade (1).png
Sernade (3).jpg
Sernade (2).jpg

2nd Place Senior Kid
Entry D
Generation: 1
DOB: 2/27/2022

Sinai (3).jpg
Sinai (1).jpg
Sinai (1).jpeg
Sinai (2).jpg
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