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Mini Nubian Senior Buck Champion Lineup

Judge: Lavinia Allen

The Mini Nubian Grand Champion Senior Buck is Entry B from the 4 and under 5 year old class.  In General Appearance this Senior buck is wide and long throughout,  he has a high round escutcheon area with good angulation to the rear legs, sharp withers and level through his topline.  From above he has a good dairy wedge in Dairy Character.



Again there was two very nice Senior bucks vying for this award, however, Entry B is the Mini Nubian Reserve Grand Champion Senior Buck from the 2 under 3 year old class.  In General Appearance he shows straighter and stronger in his legs with a more out curving thigh giving more width in the escutcheon area, more width with a more desirable slope to the rump and when viewed from above smoother blending of the shoulder into the chest wall.  In Body Capacity he has more depth to his barrel.

Grand Champion

EdensLilly Merciful Poplar

Sire: EdensLilly Blue Camembert
Dam: Brushy-Creek Mercy Me
Breeder/Owner: nicole Sosebee

Reserve Champion
Copper (1).jpg

Cedar Creek AWR Riddle Me Copper

Sire: AutumnWood's Riddler
Dam: Red Barn Sweet Violet *P
Breeder: Beverly Holley

Owner:Ann Crabtree

1st Place Yearling 
Entry: A
Generation: 4 
DOB: 4/10/2021

Texas (4).JPG
Texas (3).JPG
Texas (1).JPG
Texas (2).JPG

1st Place 2 year old
Entry B
Generation: 4

Copper (1).jpg
Copper (2).jpg
Copper (1).jpeg
Copper (3).jpg

1st Place 3 year old
Entry A
Generation: 1

JAcob (1).jpg
JAcob (3).jpg
JAcob (1).jpeg
JAcob (2).jpg

1st Place 4 year old
Entry B
Generation: 1


2nd Place Yearling buck
Entry: J
Generation: 6
DOB: 3/15/2021

Mini Love Farm Irony (4).jpg
Mini Love Farm Irony (2).jpg
Mini Love Farm Irony (1).jpg
Mini Love Farm Irony (3).jpg

2nd Place 2 Year old
Entry C
Generation: 6

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