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Mini Lamancha Junior Buck Champion Lineup 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

The Mini Lamancha Grand Champion Junior Buck is Entry A from the Senior class.  In General Appearance he is wide in the chest floor, good angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side and has good height in the escutcheon area,  he is long in bone with smooth blending throughout his topline especially from the loin into his wide rump and when viewed from the top has smooth blending of the shoulder into the chest wall.


The Mini Lamancha Reserve Grand Champion Junior Buck is Entry B from the Senior class.  In General Appearance he has good width between the hocks and hip bones, a long lean neck that blends smoothly into his withers, and good extension to the brisket.

Grand Champion
Zedekiah (1).JPG

Maczoo Zedekiah

Sire: Glimmercroft Tbo Orion
Dam: Maczoo TGRL Mae Mae
Breeder: Shelly McMullan

Owner: Pam Burnham

Reserve Champion
Gemstone (2).jpg

GoGo's SoSu GlimGo Gemstone

Sire: Glimmercroft Shebo Sundance
Dam: GoGo's Sophia n Mink
Breeder/Owner: Regina Tervo

1st Place Junior Kid
Entry A
Generation: 1
DOB 4/10/2022


1st Place Intermediate Kid
Entry A
Generation: 4
DOB 3/19/2022

Rory (1).JPG
Rory (4).JPG
Rory (3).JPG
Rory (2).JPG

1st Place Senior kid
Entry A
Generation: 4
DOB 2/11/2022

Zedekiah (1).JPG
Zedekiah (3).JPG
Zedekiah (2).JPG
Zedekiah (4).JPG

2nd Place Junior Kid
Entry B
Generation: 1
DOB 4/1/2022


2nd Place Intermediate kid

Entry G
Generation: 2
DOB 3/31/2022


2nd Place Senior kid
Entry B
Generation: 3
DOB 2/11/2022

Gemstone (2).jpg
Gemstone (4).jpg
Gemstone (1).jpg
Gemstone (3).jpg
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