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Nubian Junior Doe Champion Lineup

Judge: Lavinia Allen

The Mini Nubian Grand Champion Junior Doe is Entry G from the Under 2 years of age class.  In her maturity Entry G is deeper in the heart girth and barrel in Body Capacity.  In General Appearance she has greater width throughout especially when viewed from the back as seen from hips to pins, she is strong and straight in her legs with good angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side and top, good extension to her brisket and level in her topline with smooth blending of the shoulder into the chest wall.



The Mini Nubian Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe is Entry E from the Senior Class.  In General Appearance Entry E exhibits strong straight legs from the front and rear with good angulation in the rear legs when viewed from the side, she has good length of bone especially from hips to pins with smooth blending of her topline, good extension to the brisket and has a long lean neck.  She has the advantage in Body Capacity having good depth in the heart girth and barrel.

Grand Champion

Edens Lilly Poplars Peggy

Sire: EdensLilly Merciful Poplar
Dam: EdensLilly Moons Poppy

Breeder/Owner: Nicole Sosebee

Reserve Champion
Wild Olive (1).jpg

Kessel Run BC Wild Olive

Sire: VCH Eden's Lily Blue Camembert 
Dam: Running River Denali's Ladybug

Breeder/Owner: Cassandra Baldovinos

1st Place intermediate kid
Entry C
Generation: 7
DOB: 3/10/2022

Lachesis (2).jpg
Lachesis (4).jpg
Lachesis (1).jpg
Lachesis (3).jpg

1st Place Senior Kid
Entry E
Generation: 1
DOB: 1/18/2022

Wild Olive (1).jpg
Wild Olive (3).jpg
Wild Olive (1).jpeg
Wild Olive (2).jpg

1st place yearling
Entry: G
Generation: 2
DOB: 5/2/2021

2nd Place Lineup

2nd Place Intermediate kid
Entry A
Generation: 2
DOB: 3/3/2022


2nd Place Senior Kid
Entry W
Generation: 1
DOB: 1/1/2022

CMAC Dairy Goats Prissy’s Velvet (4).jpg
CMAC Dairy Goats Prissy’s Velvet (1).jpg
CMAC Dairy Goats Prissy’s Velvet (3).jpg

2nd  Place yearling
Entry: P
Generation: 2
DOB: 3/17/2021

Polynasia (4).jpg
Polynasia (3).jpg
Polynasia (2).jpg
Polynasia (1).jpg
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