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Nigerian Dwarf Junior Buck Champion Lineup 

Judge: Lorelei Hallock

Grand will be the first place senior kid. He is just showing more substance of bone deeper in the heart girth, more general appearance in his feet and legs, more strength in his top line particularly the chine. 


No reserve awarded

Grand Champion
firecrcker (1).jpg

Shephards Bluff SQ Firecracker
Sire: American Jewel Sirius Quinn
Dam: Shephards Bluff Dulce De Leche
Breeder: Sarah, Asa, Audrielle, Grace & Weston Garvin
Owner: Amy Kurth

1st Place Senior Kid

Entry A
DOB: 1/14/22

firecrcker (1).jpg
firecrcker (4).jpg
firecrcker (3).jpg
firecrcker (2).jpg

2nd Place Senior Kid

Entry B
DOB: 2/6/22

McLaren (3).jpg
McLaren (4).jpg
McLaren (1).jpg
McLaren (2).jpg
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