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Mini Lamancha Senior does
Does 5 & Over

Judge: Lavinia Allen

1st Place
Entry A


2nd Place/1st Udder
Entry B


I placed this class of Senior Milking Does 5 and older as:


Entry B receives Best Udder in this class as she has the most capacious udder that has a high and wide rear udder attachment with visible lateral attachments, a good fore udder extension with downward pointing teats.

Entry A places over Entry B in General Appearance.  Entry A is standing on stronger straight fore legs with close toes, she is long in bone and more level in her uphill topline, more extension to her brisket and when viewed from above she has smoother blending of her shoulder into the chest wall.  Although she didn’t receive Best Udder in this class she is holding up her Mammary System well for her age.  She has a nice heart shape to her rear udder showing a strong medial suspensory ligament and good teat length and diameter.

Entry B received Best Udder and is also to be commended for her Body Capacity being deep in the barrel and showing an increase in depth from heart girth to flank.

Judge: Lorelei Hallock

1st Place/1st Udder
Entry B


2nd Place
Entry A


Placing: B (1st udder), A

 B is 1st with 1st place udder for the advantage that she has in the mammary system for the height of that rear udder the balance of width from the top of the udder to the udder floor when viewed from the rear.  She also has the advantage today in general appearance she's longer bone pattern throughout more smoothly blended from the neck into the withers showing a more length and width through the rump and more levelness from hips to pins.

 A is a 9 year old doe and should be commended for the strength of feet and legs particularly the pastures holding up as long as they have for her age.

Entry A
Generation: 2
Freshening: 5
Freshened: 2/11/2022
9 years


Entry B
Generation: 1
Freshening: 4
Freshened: 3/4/2022
6 years

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